Morgan Ali
developper and artist based in Montreal, CA twitter

 smart contract, NFT (2022) 
On a palindrome day, 22-02-2022, I created an unsellable and infinitely transferrable (on-chain) NFT, for which I will remain the sole owner but, paradoxically, will be able to send it to whomever I want. I transfer it, it returns: it's a boomerang. 
 browser-based and surveillance art (2020) 
live feed from real surveillance cameras displayed through binoculars. this piece is pointing at the omniscient gaze that technology turns on us and is showcased on Galerie Galerie 
 Social Club, website (ongoing) 
I run a chess club in Montreal. The only one of its kind as it is open to all, free to atend and is sit-and-play. Made the website as well and all the graphics/content related to it. 
 website, tool (2022) 
This tool is the first to allow users who own etherIDs to get informations about their assets. EtherID was created in 2015 and recently rediscovered as the third project on Ethereum. 
 website (2021) 
website for visual artist Gab Bois. 
 website (2021) 
Website for visual and crypto artist Figure31. Showcase collections, fetch NFTS from wallet, display 3D objects in AR. 
 website (2022) 
website for Montreal-based jeweler Ulysse Delezenne.

 merge vitalik 
 smart contract, NFT (2022) 
In order to celebrate/commemorate the Serenity merge, I created a Rinkeby contract that allows anyone to mint the first ever on-chain Vitalik portrait.

 Souvenirs de 2018 
 physical product, NFT, website (2021) 
SOUVENIRS DE 2018 is a project that captures the musical essence of my life back in summer 2018. It is meant to be experienced in both a physical and digital manner, illustrating the parallels between human and computer memory. It exists as an NFT, a digital representation of the physical 5-tape edition, each numbered and signed. 
 website (2020) 
world's first online all-you-can-eat buffet. made it as a joke but people seem to love it on